AccountingWeb: “Retrospective Tax imposed on Contractor Loans”
Financial Times: “HMRC forced to withdraw hundreds of APNs”
Taxation: Lifting the disguise (free registration needed)  MUST READ!



List of DOTAS schemes eligible for APNs (updated July 2015)

HMRC “Tackling Marketed Tax Avoidance”
HMRC “Raising the stakes on tax avoidance”
● HMRC  “Accelerated payments of tax associated with schemes covered by the DOTAS rules or counteracted under the GAAR”

● HMRC “Resolving tax disputes – Commentary on the litigation and settlement strategy” (Cf. paragraph 18)

Notable responses to the Consultation
Response of Robert Venables QC
● Response of CIOT
● Response of ICAEW

Government’s response to the Consulation
“Tackling Marketed Tax Avoidance” Government’s response

Treasury Commitee
 Treasury Committee, Report on Budget 2014
Treasury Committee, Oral evidence on Budget 2014, HC 1189 (Q 520 through Q 531 are relevant to the legislation, please scroll down the document)
Treasury Committee Composition

HMRC Guidance on Accelerated Payments

  Accelerated payments of tax associated with schemes covered by the DOTAS rules or counteracted under the GAAR
 Follower notices and accelerated payments
 Tax avoidance scheme users to make upfront payments

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Other organizations

NTRT – No To Retrospective Taxation