What is the scandal hidden in Finance Bill 2014?


In 2004, the Government initiated the DOTAS disclosure arrangements in an attempt to promote openness in tax planning.  

Now, 10 years later, the Government is using those same disclosures to force taxpayers to make upfront payments of the possible tax advantage gained for these years, in essence inventing the novel principle of retrospective advance tax paymentan oxymoron if  there ever was one. 

These proposals run contrary to English Law and have empowered HMRC to become prosecutor, judge and jury even though this is at odds with Natural Justicenamely, that no one should be judge in their own cause, and that everyone has the right to a fair hearing

This site is aimed at anyone who, having behaved in an open and transparent fashion, in full compliance with HMRC’s own guidance, using registered structures and making accurate Self-Assessment returns with all required details published, is now being or about to be harshly punished for so doing.

It is also aimed at anyone who believes in the UK’s legal system and the Rule of Law, and who agrees that unfettered, far-reaching powers such as these do not, in a democracy, belong in the hands of anonymous civil servants – with law-abiding individuals being left without any recourse or possibility of appeal.

It is estimated the 65 000 individuals are concerned by this legislation. That is potentially 65 000 families that are going to face life changing hardship, in the absence of any wrongdoing having been proven in court.

Legislation should be balanced and fact-based, not politically-driven.

The primary aim of this website is to raise awareness of this legislation within the taxpayer community and political community alike.