Top 100 Law firm explains why HMRC benefits from tax avoidance schemes

Surprised at receiving “contractor scheme” offers in your e-mail every single day? Can’t understand why HMRC won’t shut the crooks down?  Read on…

We have covered  the collusion between HMRC and “scheme promoters” in our popular article “a can of worms”.

Now top 100 legal firm Pinsent Masons chimes in, and their explanation as to why the Government doesn’t and won’t stop the so-called “avoidance schemes”.

Via AccountingWeb:

“The APNs have produced a lot of money,” said Hyde, “but once you’ve set that standard the Revenue’s masters expect them to produce that every year, and if you stop most avoidance schemes you’re not going to get money from them in future years. Therefore, you’ve got to find it somewhere else, and the Revenue is now pushing on points it hasn’t previously pushed on.”

Feeling set up? Feeling milked?

You tell us