Testimonials – Tony

Tony T., Essex:

“How the new APN regime can be called lawful is beyond me. We are being asked to pay “up front” for something that has not been proved legal or illegal in a Court of Law. There is no way to appeal the demand and the payment terms are completely unrealistic.

I stand to receive 3 of these APN’s for a total sum of around £45,000. HMRC expect me to be able to pay this off in 9 months. Perhaps I need to work in the Tax Office to be able to afford this? Surely a minimum of a year per APN is more affordable?

I don’t trust HMRC’s methods. One of the APN’s I’m due to receive is questionable as I received no notification of an enquiry into my affairs for that particular year. Also the figures they have quoted are completely wrong – in their favour of course!

I am not a convict or a rock star. I am a hard working British Citizen who took advantage of some tax planning that was deemed to be legal at the time. Now the Government have changed the goal posts and I stand to be placed in a very financially difficult position. My family are stressed, I am stressed and all because of this joke of a regime.

I feel for my fellow contractors that are caught up in this mess. There could be some very unsavoury outcomes and I hope the Government and decision makers can live with this.