Testimonials – Sunny S.

Sunny S., London

Dear Sir,
I was shocked to receive the APN from HMRC. I was going through an Umbrella Company and the company told me before joining that they are HMRC complaint  which HMRC has confirmed that time. As such I decided to go with the umbrella company.

If the HMRC felt that the company was not complaint with them then why did they allow that company to operate in the first instance? And if they did, why did not the HMRC reminded us in the first year so that we would have taken the necessary steps and also would have planned so that I would not have come to this situation today.

It looks like the HMRC was sleeping all these 7 years and suddenly they woke up thinking how to grab the money from the normal people like us. I didn’t have job in the past for two years and I am today in a situation where I do not have any money and secondly I do have my personal medical bills which is a big one and not sure how I can pay them.I am totally shocked by the unprofessional way of working of the HMRC and their intention to collect money as and when they want it.

Please kindly give justice.


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