Testimonials – Shipra S.

Shipra S., Ilford

HMRC sat on their hands for 8 years, they changed the goal posts and knew they would not  win a case against the contractor scheme and so they brought no test cases forward as they were supposed to. Instead, they changed the law by misleading parliament.

This gives people no confidence in the ‘rule of law’ in the UK and is bad for business – the same argument Osborne used to defend Vodafone in India against retrospective tax.
There is now no certainty with regard to people’s property, is a blatant disregard for human rights (Magna Carta).

Retrospective taxation had caused nothing but grievances to those affected, leading to health problems due to the stress, breakdown of families and at least one suicide. But HMRC/Government couldn’t care less.

It is double standards when Osborne goes to India to defend Vodafone when they apply
retrospective tax to a Corporation, but sees no problem when the UK applies it to honest, hard working people, and destroys their lives in the process, for a made up sum (which they will not get as many will be bankrupted by this draconian action by our Government & HMRC.)

The amount they may recoup is a drop in the ocean compared to what they let their friends in big business get away with, not to mention what MPs get away with regarding tax avoidance and expenses fiddling. The argument MPs used to avoid backdating expenses payouts back to taxpayers is used to steal people’s money by using retrospective tax ‘law’.

David Gauke argued against retrospective tax when not in power and then did a U-turn .
So the government cannot be trusted to keep their word or stand up for the people of this country. Tax Planning is a right, tax evasion is the crime.

This action will have a bigger impact on tax revenue as when people are made bankrupt by their government they will no longer be able to work in the financial industry hence reducing tax revenue. Some will leave the UK, hence reducing tax revenue. So, the short sighted quick steal view of HMRC will back fire drastically.

The cost of JRs, court cases etc. will be borne by the taxpayer, After all it is us who pay for it all. Most will not be able to pay APNs, this will destroy lives, and we have no way to fight against this. draconian system, which made HMRC judge, jury and executioner. No government body should be allowed to have such power.”

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