Testimonies – Robert B.

Robert B., Dartford:

I received a Settlement Opportunity letter from HMRC this weekend. it was a a shock.
The expected settlement offer is £135,410.40 . I was stunned.

They list income for 5 tax years. There will be more to come I’m sure of it.

I’ve not heard anything from HRMC regarding the earlier years since I filed my tax return 10 years ago.
Then they send me this for 2005-2006: £15,000 income tax due plus £5000 interest.
This is my first communication from them.
It’s a similar story for the other years.

This ability to retrospectively tax me and issue APN’s without any leave to appeal or protest has shaken my confidence in the system to its core.

I’m not Google or Amazon , I’m an ordinary working man. I came to the UK about 20 years ago with nothing, had to stay in a homeless hostel in Kensal Rise for a while until i got on my feet and have worked solidly since, only for the government to turn around and take it all off me again.

I’m not sure how I’m going to cope, this will take away my pension , kids’ education fees , probably my house.

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