Testimonials – Rajesh E.

Rajesh E., London

“I had recently moved to UK in 2007 from a developing country and I lost my job in 2009, and then had to take to contract jobs. I am a dummy when it comes to Accountancy and Taxation. I looked for an Umbrella company and found one who claimed they were HMRC compliant. Based on this assurance I joined them. Tax returns were filled and HMRC was informed about the Loans.
HMRC did not raise any concern or write to me asking me more details of these loans.

I continued for another year with this company. Later I moved to using my own limited company.

In 2013, I received a notice from HMRC that tax is to be paid for 2009-2011, and there was income for which I have not paid the tax.

Where they not aware of this? Why is Government not investigating what HMRC was doing since 2009, why it did not act in the interest of Tax payers and have alerted Tax payers if it was not legal?

I believed United Kingdom was a fair place, and but the current Government has made it look like a banana republic. Why am I penalised for HMRC’s mistake? For any law abiding citizen, all it matters is that they are within the Law, this aspect is not appreciated by the Government at all. If HMRC, had acted, and warned me when I filed the returns for 2009-2010, I would not have continued for another year.

I would raise it as a fraud in which the Umbrella Companies and HMRC are involved and I demand this to be investigated. UK Government should stop making Tax payers scapegoats of this HMRC Scandal cover-up.

UK Government has stomped on Magna Carta and has introduced new law (APN) demanding payment of the fictitious “tax due” without any right of appeal. How can someone be forced to pay any amount without a proper judicial system deeming it Fair? Are these the Values United Kingdom once stood for?

My situation has changed since I was contracting, I do not have any substantial bank balance, or any assets, due to expenses related to Health issues in Family my financial position has gotten quite weak. I have received APN demanding a very big amount. I am quite stressed and not able to concentrate on anything in my life.

I would term this new APN legislation as draconian, it is to force an individual in to paying amounts deemed correct by HMRC without any opportunity to the tax payer to defend his position.
I have only one alternative, that is to go for Bankruptcy. And then depend on Government for Support as I won’t be able to work anymore.

Is there any justice in this Country anymore? I think Iran/Iraq/Nigeria might be just similar to this.”

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