Testimonials – John

John H., Yorkshire:

I’ve received one APN so far, with more on the way over an undetermined period of time. Planning how to pay the first APN was tricky, to then find out I had more to follow was a shock that I still haven’t recovered from. The only means I have to cover the APN demands will be to sell my family home and put the money to one side. If I win against HMRC in court, I’ll never get my home back not to mention the £20k plus in selling and buying fees that it will cost me to raise the money for the APNs in the first place.

The Government and HMRC have done a good job in recent years of blurring the line between tax avoidance and tax evasion and turning the general public against anyone who has engaged in legal tax planning, making those caught in it hesitant to make their story heard at risk of being vilified by the public.

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