Testimonials – John B.

John B., London

“I’ve always tried to do the right thing. Work hard and support my family. HMG and HMRC’s onslaught against contractors and tax efficient scheme is constitutionally wrong. I work in the banking industry which has been heavily criticised and regulated, but I have never seen a poorer organisation than HMRC, through retrospective action and legislation they behave like common extortionists.

They are unable to provide a clear and correct answer to enable me to settle, their settlement offer has been riddled with errors and this is NOT a settlement as they leave the door open to come after me again as and when they feel like it.

The recent Budget 2016 is retrospection at it’s worst, as an individual trying to move forward with his life, HMRC and HMG just sunk to a new low.
How on earth can anyone make a decision when they can retrospectively change the law to tax you ?

The last 6 years have been dark, and I could see light at then end of the tunnel, but now there is no hope.

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