Testimonials – Joanne, Lincolnshire

Joanne, Lincolnshire

“I am the wife of a contractor. We live a very simple life in rural Lincolnshire, some might have thought it was very boring, but we were just very happily bumbling along.
I stay at home and look after our four children and my husband works in London. We do not have new, fancy cars and when we do go away on holiday its always in the UK.

Up until January this year our main concerns were how are we going to cope if my husband was to be out of work, because you cannot always rely on the contract market and how we were going to pay for our children to go to university while also starting putting money into a pension.

Then in January this year everything changed.
We were told by the HMRC that we were going to start receiving APN’s for thousands of pounds for tax years that we believed were gone and sorted years ago. After intially having to find out what an APN was, and recovering from the shock that you cannot appeal against them, I then discovered that we could be liable for up to £100,000 of money that HMRC think we might owe to them. Luckily my husband only used the tax planning schemes for a few years because he needed the help with the accounting and tax side of things when he concentrated on his work. We then moved to being a Ltd company. Today I still do not know how much we will have to give to the HMRC in total.

What the HMRC do not seem to realize or care about is that this is going to entirely change our lives and the lives of our children. We are hard working, law abiding citizens who would never intentionally do anything wrong and feel we have been totally duped by the scheme providers and let down by the government who have introduced retrospective laws. It looks like our only option will be for us to sell our house and for my husband to go bankrupt, we will then have to start again from scratch and rebuild our lives. My husband works in a niche area of banking and so will have to find a new career option once he is bankrupt because he will not be able to work in this sector anymore. This is quite a scary thought because he will be fifty next year.

Our future is officially screwed!!! We are now living on a day to day basis and trying to keep things as normal as possible for the children even though we do not know what we are going to do or where we are going to live.”

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