Testimonials – Jeremy R.

Jeremy R., London:

“I have been sent a massive and *inaccurate* APN bill dating back to the 2008 tax year, so for HMRC to suggest this law is not being applied retrospectively is clearly nonsense and I have no way of appealing whether I actually owe this money or not. All I can do is point out the obvious mistakes in their calculations, but all this does is delay the bill – eventually I’ll still have to pay whatever HMRC demand, regardless of whether it’s correct or not.

Alongside this, the “Settlement Opportunity” figures they sent me were different to those in the APN, and the figures have turned out to be complete guesswork on the part of HMRC. I wrote to them several times¬†but have heard absolutely nothing back.
I’ve come to the conclusion that HMRC aren’t taking settlement seriously at all. Why would they, when they can just take the money, based on dreamt up figures? They can name their price and just take it, and there’s nothing I can do about it. No tribunal, no day in court, no outside body checking their sums.

We’re talking about bills for life changing amounts, but HMRC are making significant mistakes in their calculations and are not even making it clear in their demands that the figures have been made up or “guesstimated”. It’s almost as if the APN team has been hired in a hurry, using staff who don’t have access to my tax records, and who have very little technical knowledge other than the ability to stuff envelopes with inaccurate tax demands.¬†”

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