Testimonials – Moorad M.

Moorad M, Bournemouth

“Here is  my story.
I started work as a contractor in 2006. I was introduced to a “contractor scheme” by peers
I opted for this scheme as everything was declared to HMRC, and even through the return was a bit less them Ltd company, in the absence of IR35 issues it seemed like a more compliant deal. Having employee status , I did not have to worry about legalities.

The first letter from HMRC came in 2012. I switched to a Limited Company shortly thereafter. All going well until 2014, when the news of APN stuck.

In the end, if the present situation is my fault, It is HMRC’s as well. With APNs they are writing letters, and then even making phone calls to people.
Had they done the same when we were using the schemes, many of us would have not landed here.
With HMRC not saying a word while all was being declared to them made things worse as it was kind of implicit acceptance by HMRC that everything was in order.”

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