Testimonials – Jenny F

Jenny F., London

“I and a very close friend of mine used one of these schemes 10 years ago. Now following the retrospective legislation, find ourselves in the same position as 000’s of others having to find vast sums for APN notices with 30 days notice.

My friend, who could not pay, used “secret” credit cards (i.e. ones his family did not know about) in an attempt to pay something. This was followed up by a bully on his doorstep from a debt collection agency on behalf of HMRC.

The devastating result of this, was he saw the only way of protecting his family and their future was to go for a walk – unfortunately this walk took him in front of a train. His family is now left to pick up the pieces of their lives, without a loving husband and father, and who are now claiming benefits – not quite the result HMRC was hoping for I suspect, but then HMRC don’t see the personal and human consequences of all this.

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