Testimonials – Darren R

Darren R, Birmingham

“I and many thousands have been betrayed by my government. The Tories don’t waste an opportunity to claim they are the party of small business and the self-employed, however in recent years they have moved in an aggressive and vindictive manner in bringing about legislation that tears up the rule of law. In a modern democratic country you are expected to abide by the law and pay tax using the tax legislation at the time, but because there is still a huge deficit, the Tories are allowing HMRC to apply tax changes retrospectively and hit contractors & freelancers with huge tax demands.

The media campaign from the Tories & HMRC around tax avoidance is painting an image of making me & others appear as criminals and vile human beings. If only people understood the personal circumstances of how I and others arrived at the situation then perhaps they would begin to recognise how treacherous the Tories & HMRC have been. I was sold into a scheme by a Chartered Accountant who received commission. The scandal is that professional bodies have advised many individuals to join tax schemes, stating that they were DOTAS approved by HMRC. So you all need to understand HMRC are culpable in this, together with professional advisers.

I ask any fair-minded people to try and understand what has gone on and how I and many others face bankruptcy, divorces, family break ups, because of the Tories’ & HMRC’s actions.”

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