Testimonials – Damian B.

Damian B, Aberdeen

Perhaps I was naive, but equally, large, well resourced companies and celebrities were making the same mistake. David Cameron stated that Jimmy Carr’s use of a scheme was not illegal, but “morally” wrong. Therefore it can came as an even greater shock that HMRC have decided, instead of clarifying the rules, engaging with contractors who wish to settle and assisting people on a way forward, to skip legislative clarify and apply vague draconian APNs and a threat of some unknown new tax and charges in 2019.
This has been a traumatic 18 months for me, with no clarity on the way forward. I am due to get married soon and have informed my fiancé of all the issues and she has been a tremendous rock, however, I am equally concerned of dragging her in to something not of her making. Please, please, please can HMRC/ Treasury not have a more humanistic take on this?

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