Testimonials – Ben W.

Ben W., Kent

The thing that bugs be the most is that these schemes along with their mechanism were disclosed to the HMRC via DOTAS, yet the HRMC didn’t brother with checking or challenging them for over 10 years. The loans that I took were declared to the HMRC via my P11D along with my membership. They now want the back tax along with 10 years’ worth of interest and penalty. It has taken 2 years to get to a settlement agreed which have added a further 2 years’ worth of interest. During that time I have had the constant threat of ‘if I don’t pay up then an APN would be issued’. An APN, with fabricated figures, that would have to be paid without the possibly of challenge.

Thought-out the process the HRMC has been non responsive; figures on demand letters have been fabricated, the APN has no process to be challenged or to raise a complaint against. All I want is to be treated fairly, with respect and compassion. Like many other contractors I am now faced with 50K-100K worth of back tax which I will not be able to pay and will most likely drive me in to bankruptcy. How can the HRMC deem this as an effective way to collect tax?

They have come after the small person rather tackling this at source with the scheme providers, where is the scheme providers’ day in court? We are all the victims of mis-selling, which the HRMC could have stopped years earlier. Now with the new Finance Bill it looks like further laws with be passed in the next year or so that will allow the HRMC to demand money without every proving that the scheme or its payment were illegal.
Please HMRC wake up, approach this is a different manner, a fairer manner, a manner which will see more tax revenue collected rather than pushing people into debt or bankruptcy.”

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