Testimonials – Anthony B.

Anthony B., Yorkshire

“Faced with redundancy, contracting was the only realistic option for me to continue in my niche role. But with no experience of limited companies and accounting I wasn’t sure what to do. A colleague recommended a consulting company, the promoters of which said I could use to avoid the pitfalls of IR35, have the surety of the stamp of approval from leading QCs and for which they would carry all of the administrative overhead – even submitting tax returns on my behalf. So I wouldn’t have to worry about setting up and running a limited company, yet could use a perfectly valid, legal scheme with similar returns. Every year I would get assuring confirmation as to the full compliance of their schemes, and with that naive faith I continued to use them. I’m a decent, hard-working guy, never had much money, had to use what I saved from contracting to cover the mortgage during months of no work. I’m now in a permanent position of modest income, spending life feeling like I’m staring down the barrel of a gun – dreading what 2019 will bring, worried that I will have no home, security or anything to show for a lifetime’s work. Being somewhat naive, well-intentioned and misplacing trust to be abused does not fit with the HMRC narrative, but that’s how it is. I just want to know that a fair solution can be found which allows me to go forward. To HMRC – it’s not a game, a war of attrition,an abstract challenge, a promotion winning pat on the back – it’s real people out there, real lives. Find a decent honourable solution to the problem that decent honourable people are suffering¬†

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