Testimonials – Anna L.

Anna L, London

“One of the worst things about all this is the uncertainty caused by the inability of HMRC to give any consistent information.
Given that HMRC have P11d’s , SATRs and P60s containing all the information they require, it seems that each department uses the data they have in a different way – either that or they have some very faulty calculators.

I have had 3 different sets of calculations from HRMC – assessments, APNs and their Settlement Opportunity.
One of the first assessments to arrive indicated a figure I knew could not possibly be correct was demanded for a specific year – it was way more than I’d ever earned in a single year!!   

On going back to HMRC they wrote to confirm the figure was nearly 14 times what it should have been, and yet when the APN was sent it still demands the first, higher figure.
Of the other 5 years in question, only 1 set of figures is consistent across all the calcs HMRC have sent me. The rest vary between 5% to 350% differences between the APNs and Settlement figures.

How can HMRC expect anyone to pay a ‘Settlement” figure when they have proved they are incapable of performing the calculation of tax demanded under their revised rules accurately or consistently?

And the fact we are expected to just hand over the APN demanded money based on their randomized calculations beggars belief. There is no accountability, HMRC are writing the rules and enforcing them with no oversight or requirement for accuracy.”

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