Testimonials – Angus F.

Angus F., Edinburgh

“Since leaving the Army in 2007 after 2 tours of duty in The Former Republic of Yugoslavia I have been a freelance IT consultant. In 2012 I entered into a tax arrangement after worrying about the ever present ir35 exposure for a prolonged period of time. The situation came about by way of a cold call from a “tax consultant”, after an extremely hard sell and many assurances that the tax planning strategy was fully above board and used by professionals across multiple industries I agreed to sign up. I then had a brief moment of clarity and decided if it’s too good to be true then it most likely is, so I emailed the “tax consultant” and let them know. After another highly polished conversation about the legality of the arrangement and the 100% assurance of a QC approved structure I signed up. Their promise of a much simplified way of doing business was realised and I got on with my life. During the next few years I came across articles on contractor forums relating to structures, APNs, DOTAS to name a few, each time I would contact the “tax consultant” and relay my fears and each time informed that the QC approved scheme was perfectly legal and above board and that in the extremely unlikely event I would be questioned all matters would be dealt with by them. Fast forward and I am now in the frame for 4 years worth of tax, interest and penalties. The “tax consultant” who it turns out was a glorified salesman is nowhere to be seen and my emails to the last known email address go unanswered. This has affected my life for the past 15 months and I have now been made aware that this type of situation has been going on for over 10 years! HMRC fails to close down the “tax consultants” or introduce legislation to stop the unscrupulous people responsible. I am facing a very large bill that will force me to sell my family home of 12 years and the only home my children have ever known. All I want is to settle fairly and put this mess behind me so I can get on with my life. Every day feels the same, the grey cloud overhead, the unknown future ahead, the bouts of depression whilst trying to put on a brave face for my family and keep them happy. Hopefully I will prevail.”

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