Testimonials – Anita L.

Anita L., London

“I haven’t received APNs yet but do have a few years in appeal. Even if I don’t get any APN, comes 2019, I will still be bankrupted because of the loan charge. I joined the scheme because I was told by the accountancy that it is tax efficient and HMRC compliant. I know that is very naïve.

I have not been working for 2 years now and have a 23 months old toddler. What makes everything harder is I have been separated with my husband for a year now. The prospect of being a single parent with a young child to raise and bankruptcy is horrifying. I have been worrying sick about this. I feel angry at myself for being so stupid and dread thinking about the future. This really affect my ability in looking after my child who happens to be a bit difficult because she doesn’t sleep well nor eat well. I feel seriously depressed at times but somehow I need to muster whatever positivity I have left in me to face every day because of my child and it is hard.”

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