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HMRC should evidence open enquiries

Need material evidence to prove dowry demandAs you know, HMRC is currently conducting a campaign of delivery of Accelerated Payment Notices on an industrial scale. We are receiving very worrying feedback from readers informing us that they are in receipt of APNs for tax years where, as far as they are aware, no open enquiry exists (a prerequisite for the lawful issuance of an APN). We are hearing from accountants about figures as high as 40% of APNs where the existence of a valid enquiry is in doubt.

For this reason, we are supporting the petition started by our friends at BIG GROUP.

You will find this petition here.

Please take one minute of your time to contribute to it, and please pass the word around. Thank you.

Petition against retrospective taxation


The “Retrotax” shenanigans of the British government have already caused at least one person to take their life, and wrecked those of many more – for no reason whatsoever.

Please do take 30 seconds of your time to sign this petition.

And please circulate the link to your friends and acquaintances.


Thank you

Dotas Team