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The importance of meeting your MP


Update 16.06.

“Accelerated Payments”  legislation to be debated by Finance Bill Committee TOMORROW!

Update 12.06.

Find your MP on Twitter using Twitminster.

Update 11.06.

Only two days left of Finance Commitee discussions!
The Big Push is ON! Join now or never!

Sharing a testimony received today from a reader:
“Hi there , I took your advice and met my MP the right hon [edited] on Friday and I emailed him our letter based on the template, explaining the key points and how this will affect our lives. He seemed quite surprised that this has got as far as it has, as he has worked on finance bills before and he is going to speak with the chair to find out more.
When I know more I will update you, but happy for you to use this to others in contact with you to show them that meeting your pm is worth it!.  Many thanks for your help.  J.on”

Meeting your MP in person (and not only if they are on the Finance Bill Committee!) is, in our opinion, by far more the most effective way to get arguments across.

Writing a letter is good, but securing a face to face meeting, possibly as a follow-up, is best in our experience. Some of our members got no response even after several letters, but could secure a meeting after picking up the phone.

Most MPs hold weekly surgeries that are open to the public, and have their own website.
Please check the “they work for you” website  to find out who is  yours.

From our experience of talking to MPs over the past few weeks (many of which have been approachable and friendly – it should not be assumed that all are in favour of the legislation), It would appear that the majority of them know very little about the specifics of new legislation unless its brought to their attention.

The government is spinning things to make it appear as if this legislation will be a mere inconvenience to a few « super rich » Gary Barlow types – one of the points that should be made clear is that a vast majority of us are normal, middle class professionals, for which such measures are likely to have catastrophic and deeply unjust consequences.

Please check the Facts, FAQ, and the front page for points to keep in mind when going to meet your MP. You can also use this helpsheet.

There is still time, but not much time.
Do not think that “somebody else will do it” – contact your MP today!