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Retrospective taxes: Tories are ripping a page straight from the Nazi playbook

It’s not a few aggravated contractors saying it, but Emeritus Professor of Finance and Accounting D.R. Myddelton ….

Via the Institute of Economic Affaires :

“Retrospective taxes are a favourite Nazi practice”

‘There is no difference in principle between taxing people on income that was not legally taxable at the time it arose, or at higher rates than were then in force, and fining, imprisoning, or even executing people for so-called “offences” which were not legally offences at the time they were committed.’

“It is disappointing – to put it mildly – to see a modern British government resort to this obnoxious practice once again.”

The above was written in… 2012, and with regard to retrospection used against a big bank!

We wonder what the Professor would then have to say about APNs, causing irreparable  tens of thousands of average families, let alone on the impending and infamous “2019 charge”