FT: “Taxpayers hit with ‘spectacularly wrong’ avoidance bills”


“Imagine my shock when the APN was more than five times more than I thought it would be”.  “I thought I was going crazy.”  After weeks of going back and forth with the Revenue, the authority has acknowledged the mistake and promised to reissue the payment notice. “One has to wonder if this was a deliberate mistake on their part.”
This experience has been relatively common, said Michael Avient, personal tax partner at UHY Hacker Young. “Great care needs to be taken [by taxpayers] to make sure that the amounts are calculated correctly.” Mr Avient added, however, that it was inevitable that errors would occur given the volume of payment notices that HMRC is issuing.
The taxpayer described the process as a source of “acute stress”, adding that the tax bill arrived before his disputed arrangement has gone before the courts. “I really don’t have tens of thousands in spare cash to pay a bill I don’t even owe.”
“Law abiding citizens like myself who invested in schemes which were totally lawful, and in many cases actually promoted by the government, are being treated worse than common criminals,” he said. “It’s totally scandalous.”

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If you have received an APN with a completely wrong amount, or an APN for a year that HMRC is not entitled to, please contact us