A unique insight into the rotten culture of HMRC

An anonymous source has published a VERY interesting document that sheds light onto HMRC’s “culture”, from the inside.

The leaked internal report, from 2016, starts with the following warning:

“This report does not make comfortable reading and we were both shocked and upset by the findings”

What we learn reading further is that bullying, discrimination against the handicapped, racism, favouritism, sexism, and total disregard for mental health¬†to name but a few, have at HMRC all been completely normalized… A beautiful culture you have fostered here, Jon Thompson!

A few quotes as a taster:

“Staff who do not have English as their first language are discriminated against and are not given the same opportunities.”

“Some managers only say good morning to English staff”

Promotions  are primarily given to white people.

Staff on leave from work with mental health issues being contacted on a daily basis by their manager.”

Disabled member of staff being bullied, yet they were the one moved from the team.”

People accept bullying as the norm and allow staff to talk negatively about people and swear in the open office.”

Male colleagues openly rating female staff members in the office on whether they are attractive or not. In addition to comments on how attractive a female staff member was meant it impacted how hard they needed to work to get on”

Recognizable also is the classic process of normalization of sociapathic behaviours through trickle-down effect, as footsoldiers ape and adopt the abusive attitudes of the upper echelons.

Considering the shocking examples presented in the report, it is difficult to imagine how taxpayers, let alone those singled out as “tax avoiders”, could expect to be “treated fairly”!
Indeed, many will recognize the unethical attitudes they have been at the receiving end of, especially on the part of the infamous “Accelerated Payments” and “Counter Avoidance” teams

Truly an astonishing document, now available to the public for the first time.

You can read the entire thing here, and let us know your comments on our Twitter channel @dotasscandal


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